I'm Adrian, a UX Designer making awesome stuff every day.

I am a Web / UX designer based in Valencia, Spain. I have over ten years of corporate and freelancing experience in design and can say I’m still in love with it. I love the everyday challenge and the reward of coming up with the right solution.


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Website Design

Designing for users has been my focus since the beginning. My motto is, “No user without a good experience, no good experience without functionality, no functionality without beauty.” I’m proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite (half of my everyday tools are XD, Photoshop and Illustrator), but I also love to translate my designs into code.

Website Development

As I mentioned I love design but I also love to code. VS Code is my tool of choice for development because is light, versatile and has a great community. Writing HTML and figuring out the best CSS solutions is as thrilling as visual design. Designing with code in mind made my life easier so many times, and who doesn’t like an easy life?

beautiful + functional + useful

Responsive design

The exponential growth of mobile devices and platforms has changed the way we design websites and the way users interface with our designs.

In my design process I always keep an eye on responsiveness. I make my layouts flexible and adaptive to users’ devices to provide the best experience, fitted to its screen real estate.

Branding and identity

Here is where problem solving meets visual impact. The perfect idea and its execution are what I strive for in every project.

Colorful or monochromatic, hidden in negative space or right in your face, my logos extract and render the essence of a client’s mission statement. I like to say every time: mission accomplished.


Web and mobile UI

Less artsy and more functional, web and mobile apps UI is where the product vision meets the usability and aesthetics.

The process, work-flow, and user data gathered are equally important. The final result always has to be an intuitive interface that makes tasks easy and natural. I accomplished that in my projects.

CMS implementation

With the multitude of blogs on the web, clients expect to be able to easily update the content of their sites when the project is done, without my involvement.

I work with the most well-known CMSs such as WordPress and Drupal. But I also have experience with Sitefinity, a well-known commercial CMS solution.


Featured Work

Website Redesign

corporate website

As a lead designer, I was responsible for many aspects besides designing and coding.

First, I needed to work closely with the marketing department, which was the owner of the project. The goal was to create a new modern and responsive design around the existing site structure and content. It was tough work but I’m proud of the end result.

Second, I needed to work closely with the development department to create and implement a Sitefinity CMS theme.

And third, I was also directly involved in acquiring the CMS to build the new site on top of. Working with Sitefinity, I’ve learned a lot. Overall this project was a great experience.

Website Development

Yay Vacation!! 
A neat social 
network concept

Open up and share your best vacation moments. Search and book vacations with ease. It’s such a great experience, it makes you yell, “Yay!!”

Booking vacations online has always bothered me. All the sites I’ve used, with no exception, were annoyingly cluttered. I didn’t need a lot of information , and it was often fishy and misleading. It was really painful to find the vacation I wanted without spending days searching.

So I came up with the yayvacation.com project. It’s a simple concept meant to get rid of the clutter and present vacations in a better and less intrusive way.

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About Me

My Professional Summary

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in finance and I also worked a good amount of time in sales. Coming from different backgrounds opened my horizons, but did not fulfill me.

I’ve always been a creative individual, and always wanted to work in a field that will better utilize my creativity. So the decision to switch gears and change my career was the right one. I had the determination and the ambition and I like learning new things. So starting by self-studying at the beginning lead me to the next obvious step: getting back to school. The Illinois Institute of Art was a good choice. It helped me absorb the knowledge more systematically and introduced me to the design community. That’s how I met a lot of great people and a lot of great designers.

As most of the people in this field, I started by doing a lot of freelance jobs. That gave me confidence. The analytical thinking I developed during the years I worked as financial counselor and the human skills I developed as account representative helped me to better deal with deadlines, deliverables and clients. Naturally I moved forward and I got my first web-designer full-time position, then my next web master job and then the senior UX and design position I have today.

It was not an easy ride, but I enjoyed every bit of it. In the end it turned out very rewarding.

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Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects


I like to think about myself as a web presence expert. Besides the designing skills I have (good eye and aesthetic sense, creativity and designing tools black belt) my coding skills (vast html/css/js experience) I can also see the broad picture of a project through my economics understanding and my interpersonal skills I developed.


Researching is a key start. At the beginning I tend to ask a lot of questions because I like to get the context of the project. I also like to include my clients in the creative process. Mood boards, wireframes and prototypes are my best friends. I use critique as a balancing tool and I take it very well.


For design, I use and used a lot of different tools. Photoshop, Illustrator and now Xd, are my favorites. InDesign is my friend for print work. I’m fluent in HTML/CSS/SCSS/JS. As framework, I like Bootstrap but I’m also familiar with Foundation. For development I use VS Code, and I build my projects with babel-gulp-browsersync.

“More than just a coder, Adrian is experienced in design, wireframing and the conceptualization of frameworks for larger initiatives. His approachable, collaborative style make him truly a joy to have on the team.”

Jeremiah Desmarais<br />

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