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Adrian Muntean Web Designer Based In Chicago

My name is Adrian, and I'm a web and UI designer based in Chicago. I have over 4 years freelancing and corporate experience in design, front-end development, Content Management Systems, SEO and social media integration.

Skills I have

I develop with Wordpress and Drupal and I design themes for both CMSs. Although I like to code, I'm also proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite and enjoy working with Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

It is also important to look towards the future of web design and user experience. The exponential growth of the mobile devices has created a great need for better and more responsive designs. That's why I continue to expand my knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, and JQuery.

Some of my work

The examples below showcase some of my work in design and front end development. The projects I have been working on most recently have not yet launched, so I can't show them off just yet. Stay tuned to see some of my new work soon!

website comp

Big event for Applied Systems. A lot of work but we did well!

Click here to see the site.

website comp

Gia Tummillo is a good friend of mine. A great hairstylist! Contact her if you want an awesome haircut : )

You can visit her site here

website comp

My client and I are still working on this site. But I'm proud of the design and the artwork I've done.

You can see the prototype here

website comp

This is my first portfolio website. It was the final project for school and I put a lot of work in it. I was really proud of it and I still am.

You can see it here

website comp

I developed this site with Worpress. It is simple now but my client wanted it ready for a future development. And that's what I did …cause I listen to my clients =: )

Click here if you want to see it.

website comp

My first corporate website!! This was a lot of work … and not only designing or coding it. We needed to sort the content from the old site and restructure it, but we did it!

As you probably know already you need to click here to see it.

Winter- Picture