Quotes I like:

"Empathy is important to understanding users holistically."

Shlomo Goltz User Researcher at Hearsay Social

A picture I took in Barcelona (Spain), inside Casa Milà by renown Gaudi.

corporate website

This was a great project to work on. I’ve learned a lot and I gave me a lot of satisfaction when it was completed, implemented and deployed.

As a lead designer, I was responsible for many aspects besides designing and coding.

First, I needed to work closely with the marketing department, which was the owner of the project. The goal was to create a new modern and responsive design around the existing site structure and content. It was tough work but I’m proud of the end result.

Second, I needed to work closely with the development department to create and implement a Sitefinity CMS theme.

And third, I was also directly involved in acquiring the CMS to build the new site on top of. Working with Sitefinity, I’ve learned a lot. Overall this project was a great experience.

Yay Vacation!!
A neat social
network concept

Open up and share your best vacation moments. Search and book vacations with ease. It’s such a great experience, it makes you yell, “Yay!!”

Booking vacations online has always bothered me. All the sites I’ve used, with no exception, were annoyingly cluttered. I didn’t need a lot of information , and it was often fishy and misleading. It was really painful to find the vacation I wanted without spending days searching.

So I came up with the project. It’s a simple concept meant to get rid of the clutter and present vacations in a better and less intrusive way.

Web app UI design

Designing a user interface implies more than visual aesthetics. It implies understanding functionality, comprehension of business rules and envisioning simple workflows.

I’ve learned a lot executing this project. Team work. Interdepartmental collaboration. Responsive design pushed over the limits. Browser backward compatibility. HTML 5 semantics and CSS tricks. Modernizr and older IE workaround. Many, many insights.

My team worked on retouching the old design. The goal was to clean up the UI and give it a fresh look without disrupting the workflow for our 10K users. When all that was done we had to write the new code and help the development team to implement it.

Everybody liked the results and we received lots of great reviews from our users.

Logo design

I love designing logos. But sometimes this is the most difficult design work. Understanding a client's vision is crucial. Without it, it's almost impossible to capture and translate it into an impactful visual representation.

Brand and identity

I wish I could do more of this kind of work. Maybe we're not thinking of this too often but good branding is as important as a flawless functionality is for the user experience.