Quotes I like:

"Rule of thumb for UX: More options more problems. "

Scott Belsky Vice President of Products & Community at Adobe

A picture I took in Chicago (US), right across the Merchandise Mart.

My Professional Summary

"More than just a coder, Adrian is experienced in design, wireframing and the conceptualization of frameworks for larger initiatives. His approachable, collaborative style make him truly a joy to have on the team."

Jeremiah Desmarais
Digital Marketing | Advisor | Keynote Speaker

Adrian Muntean at work

I have a Bachelor's Degree in finance and I also worked a good amount of time in sales. Coming from different backgrounds opened my horizons, but did not fulfill me.

I've always been a creative individual, and always wanted to work in a field that will better utilize my creativity. So the decision to switch gears and change my career was the right one. I had the determination and the ambition and I like learning new things. So starting by self-studying at the beginning lead me to the next obvious step: getting back to school. The Illinois Institute of Art was a good choice. It helped me absorb the knowledge more systematically and introduced me to the design community. That's how I met a lot of great people and a lot of great designers.

As most of the people in this field, I started by doing a lot of freelance jobs. That gave me confidence. The analytical thinking I developed during the years I worked as financial counselor and the human skills I developed as account representative helped me to better deal with deadlines, deliverables and clients. Naturally I moved forward and I got my first web-designer full-time position, then my next web master job and then the senior UX and design position I have today.

It was not an easy ride, but I enjoyed every bit of it. In the end it turned out very rewarding.

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I like to think about myself as a web presence expert. Besides the designing skills I have (good eye and aesthetic sense, creativity and designing tools black belt) my coding skills (vast html/css/js experience) I can also see the broad picture of a project through my economics understanding and my interpersonal skills I developed.

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Researching is a key start. At the beginning I tend to ask a lot of questions because I like to get the context of the project. I also like to include my clients in the creative process. Mood boards, wireframes and prototypes are my best friends. I use critique as a balancing tool and I take it very well.

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For design, I use and used a lot of different tools. Photoshop, Illustrator and now Xd, are my favorites. InDesign is my friend for print work. I’m fluent in HTML/CSS/SCSS/JS. As framework, I like Bootstrap but I’m also familiar with Foundation. For development I use VS Code, and I build my projects with babel-gulp-browsersync.